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Welcome Letter from SAPHA President

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits as we embark on another year of shared endeavors and growth. I am greatly honored to continue to serve as SAPHA’s President for a third year, working alongside both our steadfast continuing board members and the valuable additions to our team.

I would like to thank our outgoing board members for their incredible leadership:  Trushna Rao-Nadig, Anita Balan, and Naveen Shoaib. A huge welcome back to our continuing board members: Ayesha Azam, Hena Bajaj, Malinee Neelamegam, Anto Paul, Aisha Bhimla, Thoin Begum, Nishka Bommareddy, Tarun Mohan Lal, Mushira Khan, Rubana Hossain, and Anmol Sharma. Thank you for your dedication. And a warm welcome to our newest board members, Amish Doshi, Sarah Bounse and Navami Naik. Your presence adds further strength to our collective mission. 

This year holds special significance for SAPHA as we celebrate our 25th anniversary. Over the past quarter-century, our organization has been dedicated to advocating for the health priorities of the South Asian community, fostering collaborations, and addressing health issues and communicating knowledge and gaps about South Asian health. This milestone marks not only our rich history but also a renewed commitment to advancing the health and well-being of South Asian communities. Reflecting on the past year, SAPHA has achieved significant milestones, including hosting panel discussions and in person networking events, sharing  monthly newsletters, and launching our new website and Instagram page. SAPHA’s impact extends to legislative advocacy, including advocating for the South Asian Heart Health Awareness and Research Act, participation in national health campaigns, and establishing a noteworthy presence in Washington, DC, marked by engagements with the Secretary of Health, invitations to the White House,and continuous efforts to address health disparities and promote equity in South Asian communities. Our strategic plans prioritize addressing these health disparities amongst South Asians with a special focus on cardiovascular disease, mental health,  and social determinants of health.

These accomplishments are a testament to the dedication and spirit of our board members and from all of you. We are grateful for your collaboration, encouragement, and engagement with us to advance our mission to promote the health and well‐being of South Asian communities in the US. With your continued support, we can achieve more in 2024.

I encourage each of you to share your ideas on how SAPHA can better serve you and to invite your colleagues to join us in our ongoing initiatives. For any inquiries or suggestions, please reach out to us at

I look forward to advocating for our mission and celebrating SAPHA’s 25th anniversary together.

With gratitude,

Samira Khan, MPH

President, South Asian Public Health Association

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