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Mental Health Resources

Updated: July 21, 2020


Bengali Mental Health Movement

Provides culturally-specific and linguistically-accessible resources to bridge the gap between the Bengali community and mental health services. They are dedicated to cultivating a network of mental health professionals who can better meet the needs of the Bengali community.

CHAI Counselors (Maryland) (now part of Pro Bono Counseling) 

Dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of South Asian communities in Maryland and helping to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness. CHAI conducts community outreach, partners with local crisis intervention agencies, provides education and resources, and refers those in need to qualified and licensed mental health providers. In 2017, CHAI joined with the Pro Bono Counseling Project to become one of its special programs.

Division on South Asian Americans (DoSAA)

Intends to be a credible source of information and resources on South Asian mental health issues by 1) providing information on factors affecting South Asian mental health, ranging from broader concerns like immigration and acculturation to everyday issues like parenting and relationships; and 2) creating a nurturing space for mental health clinicians, researchers, and students to engage in collaboration, consultation, and mentorship. Part of the Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA).


Their mission to encourage healthy, open dialogue of South Asian mental health issues in an effort to remove stigma, improve awareness, and promote self-care.

Muslim Mental Health 

Their vision is the long-term mental health and well-being of Muslim communities supported through preventative interventions and education which is accessible, culturally relevant, and academically sound. The Institute of Muslim Mental Health is a non-profit organization dedicated to its CORE mission: Community Outreach, Research, and Education.


Designed to reduce stigma and increase awareness about emotional health and wellness in the South Asian community. Through easy-to-understand descriptions of numerous emotional health issues, educational workshops, and culturally sensitive coping strategies, they hope to empower the South Asian community to realize their inner fortitude, take charge of their mental health, and make better and more informed decisions for a healthy lifestyle.

South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network (SAMHIN) (New Jersey) 

Their goal is to overcome the roadblocks such as the stigma and taboo associated with mental illness and improve the mental health of the South Asian community through educational programs on the importance of mental health and wellness and improved access to care.

South Asian Sexual and Mental Health Alliance (SASMHA)

Collective of youth organizers who seek to create a safe space for South Asian youth across the diaspora, focusing on adolescence to early adulthood. Their goal is to educate, empower, and find strength as a community to discuss unique experiences as Asian-American young adults, fighting stigma and increasing access to resources, peers, and information on the topics considered taboo or under-represented in our cultures: identity development, sexual health, reproductive health, mental health, LGBTQ+ issues, community-building, consent, and healthy relationships, etc.


Desi LGBQ/T Helpline (DeQH)

South Asian LGBQ/T peer support helpline that offers free, confidential, culturally sensitive peer support, information and resources for LGBQ/T South Asian individuals, families and friends around the globe.

Naseeha Muslim Youth Helpline

A Muslim peer-to-peer hotline that provides confidential counseling services on the topics of drugs, alcohol, bullying, religion, marriage and divorce, domestic issues, pornography, mental health, depression and career issues. Services provided to all racial, ethinic and religious backgrounds. 

South Asian Domestic Violence Helplines

A comprehensive list of South Asian domestic violence agencies organized by state.

South Asian Mental Health Awareness in Jersey (SAMHAJ) (New Jersey)

A part of NAMI New Jersey, SAMHAJ provides education, support, and advocacy for South Asians affected by serious mental illness. Offers support groups and bilingual mental health services as well as workshops for mental health providers.

South Asian Network (SAN) (Southern California)

Founded in 1990 to provide an open forum for people of South Asian origin to gather and discuss social, economic, and political issues affecting the community, with the goal of raising awareness, engagement, and advocacy among community members leading to an empowered and active community. Provides free to low-cost individual, group, family, and couples counseling. Both children and adult services are provided. Also provides referrals to other mental health professionals.

South Asian Sexual and Mental Health Alliance (SASMHA)

A community for South Asian youth across the diaspora who need a space to dialogue and learn about issues key to who they are. SASMHA’s goal is to fight cultural stigmas, educate, and empower the South Asian American community by providing resources on the issues most important to us, from sex and sexuality to mental health.


The following links provide lists of South Asian professionals ranging from social workers to clinicians trained in mental healthcare. These are not endorsements or recommendations.

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