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Statement on Student Encampments in Support of Palestine

SAPHA Statement on Student Encampments in Support of Palestine:

The South Asian Public Health Association (SAPHA) stands in solidarity with students, activists, faculty, and communities advocating for justice and human rights in the face of escalating police violence at home and ongoing genocide in Gaza. The recent wave of student encampments, unfolding over the past few weeks, continues to persist despite efforts by administrations to suppress them and the ongoing violence against protesters by the police. As a public health organization, we recognize that violence—whether state-sanctioned or otherwise—poses a grave threat to community health and well-being.  The rising tide of student protests highlights the disproportionate and escalating use of police force which amplifies  public health risks and undermines public safety. 

The genocide and associated violence echos far beyond their immediate environments, leading to widespread trauma, mental health crises, and exacerbating health disparities—both immediate and long-term. The student protests represent a critical response to these human rights abuses, and supporting these movements aligns with our mission to promote a healthier, more just society.

In alignment with our mission to address and eliminate health disparities across our communities, SAPHA calls for immediate and sustained action to protect the health of all individuals, particularly those who are most vulnerable. We urge health professionals everywhere to raise their voices against injustices that compromise health and to support initiatives that foster a healthier, more equitable world.

For more resources and to support the students and community members, please see below: 

Mental Health & Legal Resources: 

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