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Statement on Win Rozario

Statement on Win Rozario

SAPHA honors the life of 19-year old Bangladeshi American youth, Win Rozario, who was killed by the New York City Police Department (NYPD). On March 27th, Win placed a 911 call for mental health crisis support. Instead of de-escalating the situation, the police shot Win Rozario six times in his own home, resulting in his tragic and preventable death. 

We uplift the call to action laid out by the South Asian Legal Defense Fund in their recent statement: 

  1. A demand for a thorough investigation of the incident to ensure justice and accountability
  2. A release of body camera footage from the scene for transparency purposes
  3. Continuous investments towards policing alternatives and community mental health services, and expansion of said services to cover all neighborhoods in the borough of Queens 

We offer our condolences to Win’s family, friends and loved ones, and the Bangladeshi community in Ozone Park and across NYC. This devastating incident highlights the urgent need to address the intersection of mental health crises and over policing within our communities. Events like these perpetuate a cycle of fear and distrust, exacerbating mental health crises rather than providing the necessary support and resources. As detailed in our paper, Health Implications of Racialized State Violence Against South Asians in the USA, South Asians, along with other racialized groups, have endured a long history of state violence and discrimination, leading to profound impacts on mental health and well-being. It is crucially important to invest in mental health resources and alternative crisis response teams across the country to prevent these incidences. 

SAPHA remains committed to advocating  against racialized police violence and promoting healthy and safe environments for South Asian Americans and the communities they live in. It is imperative that we work towards systemic change to dismantle the structures perpetuating such tragedies and ensure the provision of adequate mental health support for all individuals in crisis. 


As our communities mourn the devastating loss of Win Rozario, if you or a loved one are seeking culturally tailored mental health support in NYC, we invite you to explore the following resources: 

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