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Newsletter - February 2023


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  • SAPHA's Brown Paper, which reviews health research and literature on South Asians in the the US
  • community resources and information in mental health, COVID-19, and LGBTQIA+, and other key public health issues
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Celebrating Black History Month

Black History is American history, it tells the story of how white supremacy culture came to dominate American society and our lives. It is a celebration of incredible African American individuals like Martin Luther King Jr., Serena Williams, Jackie Robinson, and Sojourner Truth among many other trail blazers. SAPHA recognizes the achievements and hardships of black communities across the US and acknowledges that the American black and Asian experiences are intertwined.

Race has played a critical role in American society from as early as the late-15th century, when the early settlers first arrived on this land. During this month we are reminded of the diversity of the US.

Racial inequities in health

The Black-Asian Tension

Shared Solidarity of Asian and Black


Unpacking Ethnic Policies 

PC: Chelsea Beck/NPR

The recent Lunar New Year Massacre, Atlanta-area spa shootings, and COVID-19 fueled anti-Asian racism have led us to ask why the Asian-American story is missing from US history. While Asians came to the US well before several white European immigrant groups, we have largely been forgotten and ignored. That is changing as we are gaining representation in government and media. This is our opportunity to tell the Asian American story.

Research & News Highlights

ASATA's 13th annual Bay Area Solidarity Summer is now accepting applications! (Deadline: March 19)

Bay Area Solidarity Summer (BASS) is a 5-day political action camp for South Asian American activists, ages 18–23. It’ll be in Oakland, California from Thursday, August 10 to Monday, August 14, 2023.

More details at and on this Instagram post.

Why join our cohort? BASS will strengthen your skills as an organizer working for a just, equitable, and sustainable world:

  • learn concrete skills for creating real-world change
  • sharpen your analysis of race, gender, and power
  • explore the 100+ year history of South Asian activism in the U.S.
  • connect with a multi-generational community of peers and mentors

The training is low-cost or free, and includes curriculum, readings, and access to mentors and a network. Applications close on Sunday, March 19.

Curious? Get all the details and see the applications form at

Reading Suggestions

Recognizing American Heart Month

Given the increasing South Asian population in the United States, SAPHA advocates improving the health of South Asian communities, to further the overall health of our nation. South Asians represent approximately 25 percent of the world's population – yet they account for 60 percent of the world's heart disease patients. South Asians are more likely to die of heart disease than the rest of the US population. South Asians also have a higher risk of heart disease compared to other Asian groups. South Asians are more likely to experience increased risk factors including diabetes and atherosclerosis. Here are some tips you can use to reduce risk. The CDC provides resources for everyone.

We need your help!

The SAPHA Research Committee is building a repository of South Asian public health topics and of authors conducting related research that will be accessible on our website. We are also seeking any information about student researchers conducting South Asian public health research to highlight during AAPI month in May. Please fill out this google form if you have any suggestions.

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