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Newsletter - September 2023


National Recovery Month: Supporting South Asians

in the US

During National Recovery Month, we want to highlight the importance of specialized care for South Asians in the US who are dealing with substance use disorder.

  • Studies suggest that addiction and mental health issues are often underreported within the South Asian community due to cultural stigma, fear of judgment, and lack of awareness.

  • Cultural factors, such as family expectations, societal pressure, and the stigma associated with seeking help for addiction, can impact the willingness of South Asians to seek treatment. 

  • South Asians may face challenges in accessing culturally competent care for addiction and recovery. Language barriers, limited awareness of available resources, and a lack of culturally sensitive treatment options can hinder the recovery process for individuals within this community.

Check out these organizations that provide specialized care and support for South Asians dealing with substance use disorder.

South Asian Mental Health Initiative (SAMHIN)

South Asian Network (SAN)

Coalition for Asian Substance Abuse Prevention (CASAP)

South Asian Alcohol and Drug Awareness (SAADA)

South Asian Wellness Task Force (SAWTF)

Let's work together to ensure that South Asians in the US receive the support and care they need on their path to recovery.

Research & News Highlights

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National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month: Taking Action

Childhood obesity affects 1 in 5 children in the US, including South Asian children. At SAPHA, we're committed to addressing this issue. Here's what you need to know:

Complexity of Obesity: Many factors contribute to obesity, including behavior, genetics, and social determinants of health like neighborhood design and access to healthy food and physical activity.

Prevention is Possible: We can make a difference during National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month by raising awareness and working together as communities, health professionals, and families.

Resources for Action: Visit for toolkits that provide resources for schools, healthcare providers, and health departments to address childhood obesity.

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