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Long COVID Interview With Dr. Sabiha Hussain


SAPHA recently sat down with Dr. Sabiha Hussain, Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary and Critical at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She is the director of the post-COVID recovery program and an interventional pulmonologist. Dr. Hussain spoke to us about establishing a program focused on long COVID recovery, risk factors and challenges in addressing long COVID, and the impact of social determinants of health in management and recovery.

"I wanted to make sure that this is an area where social determinants became part of the vocabulary. I remember back in 2015, when I started talking about the screening patients in the ICU for social determinants of health, people thought I was crazy. That's what COVID really did, is that it actually brought relevance to why social determinants are so important. And now it's in everybody's vocabulary.

"I think one of the good things that did come out of this whole pandemic is that is that people are understanding how important it is."

Listen to more insights from Dr. Hussain at the recording below. If you or someone you know has experienced long COVID, check out these resources compiled across federal agencies for support services.

Listen to Dr. Hussain's interview with SAPHA
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