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SAPHA Spotlight Series - March 2024

March Podcast Spotlight
South Asian Public Health Association Spotlight Series


South Asian Public Health Association Spotlight Series

SAPHA ventures further into the realm of podcasts with our newest release! Welcome to Episode 3 of the South Asian Public Health Association Spotlight Series, where we delve into the remarkable careers and paths of public health trailblazers, with a particular emphasis on the South Asian community.

To honor the 25th anniversary of the South Asian Public Health Association, each episode guarantees insightful conversations, inspiring stories, and an in-depth examination of the significant achievements of past SAPHA board members, molding the framework of public health.

Episode 3

Arnab Mukherjea, DrPH, MPH

Our third episode features the esteemed Dr. Arnab Mukherjea, a distinguished figure in the field of public health. Dr. Mukherjea is not only an Associate Professor & Department Chair of Public Health at California State University, East Bay, but also a passionate trailblazer in public health research and advocacy, with a keen focus on South Asian communities. Additionally, Dr. Mukherjea has played significant roles within SAPHA, serving on its Executive Board of Directors from 2004 to 2009, including two terms as Co-Chair (2004 - 2006; 2007 - 2009) and Chair of its Communication Committee (2007 - 2009), and later as a Special Advisor to the SAPHA President in 2018 - 2019, making notable contributions to its mission and initiatives over the years.

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Learn more about Dr.Mukherjea below:

Dr. Arnab Mukherjea, PhD, is a trailblazing force in the realm of public health, particularly in his dedicated efforts to combat health disparities prevalent within South Asian communities. Serving as the Associate Professor and Department Chair of Public Health at California State University, East Bay, Dr. Mukherjea's profound commitment to research and mentorship has garnered widespread recognition. Dr. Mukherjea's research endeavors are characterized by his innovative utilization of community-engaged methodologies to understand and address contextual and culturally-framed risk factors affecting Asian & Pacific Islander subgroups, with a particular focus on South Asians. His current studies delve into the role of resilience and trauma on health behaviors and outcomes among South Asians in the United States, as well as an assessment of the efficacy of community-engaged approaches to improve colorectal cancer screening among diverse South Asian subgroups in California. Furthermore, Dr. Mukherjea plays a pivotal role in leading recruitment efforts for South Asian participants in the Collaborative Approach for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Research and Education study, underscoring his unwavering commitment to advancing research initiatives aimed at promoting health equity.

 Beyond his academic pursuits, Dr. Mukherjea's dedication to mentorship is evident through his active involvement with organizations such as SAPHA and the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health (API Caucus). He serves as a formal and informal mentor for members of SAPHA, welcoming the opportunity to expand his network of mentees to advance an agenda of South Asian health equity in the United States through research, practice, policy, and advocacy. Dr. Mukherjea's transformative contributions offer invaluable insights and pathways towards addressing health disparities and promoting equitable healthcare access. Dr. Mukherjea earned his undergraduate (BA in Molecular & Cell Biology/Neurobiology with a minor in Education) and graduate degrees (MPH in Health & Social Behavior with a specialization in Multicultural Health; DrPH in Applied Health Disparities Research) from UC Berkeley, followed by postdoctoral training at UC San Francisco and UC Davis.

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